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Travel and Tourism


         Transport technology, satellite-mapped routes and attractive adventure trails have given this Industry a global character. It has made it into a booming business that encompasses all classes of people.
         It is easy now to have an avenue in this field for employment and good earnings. A Regional Industry has even spread to the remote countryside. The Great Indian middle class therefore now packs its bags, for newer and different kind of holidays.
          The One-yr Course puts emphasis upon the Domestic Sector . The Two yr Course is a more detailed study on Indian and World Tourism. The Third-yr deals with Travel Agency Operations. An introduction into Emporiatrics, i.e Health related aspects of travel are also given.


Mrs. Alka Maheshwari
Head of the Department
Travel & Tourism


Our Deparment is oriented towards providing professional competence.We kit them to become

Ticketing Personnel
Airlines/Travel Agency
Tourist Guides / Escorts
Tour Operator
Script Writers
Free Lance Travel, Writers
Magazines, Newspapers
Travel / Hotel Desk Officers
Hotel Industry
Tourist Information Centres
Travel Coordinator
Multinational Companies



Domestic Ticketing Domestic Ticketing International Ticketing Travel Agency Operation
Destination India Destination India World Destination Foreign Language
Tourism Organisation Tour Operation Tourism Organisation Sales Promotion
Transport & Accommodation Transport & Accommodation within India World Transport & Accommodation
Computer Application
Marketing Research Business Correspondence Marketing & Management Marketing Research
Research work in Tourism Industry Research work in Tourism Industry Research Work in Tourism Industry Research Work in Tourism Industry
Practical Training Practical Training Emporiatrics Practical Training
Emporiatrics   Practical Training   
International Ticketing         

Subject Details

DOMESTIC TICKETING : Covers all aspects related to flying within the Country. It deals with reservations, flight information, fare calculations and issuance of Tickets. The Students are also taught about the various discounts and special fares available.
INTERNATIONAL TICKETING : Deals with travel formalities required in moving from one country to another. It covers Fare Calculations and usage of various manuals.
DESTINATION INDIA : As the name suggests this deals totally with India, including the regional and cultural aspects. It enlightens an Individual to become successful Tour Operators, Travel escorts or Information Personnel.
WORLD DESTINATION : Deals with major Tourist attractions across the Globe. It imparts knowledge on all five A’s of a Destination: Attraction, Accommodation, Accessibility, Amenities and activities.
BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE : Covers all commercial correspondence necessary in the Travel Industry.
MARKETING RESEARCH : Forms the basis of Planning and Management in the Tourism Industry.
SALES PROMOTION:Help us in achieving sales target and efficient implementation of policies. It also leads to enhancing Business Skills among Students.
TOUR OPERATION : Deals with handling of Tours. It imparts detailed knowledge of itinerary planning, Costing and Reservation etc.
TOURISM ORGANISATION : Covers all the basic concepts of Tourism. It deals with organisations promoting Tourism and role of Travel Agents. How to open your own Agency is also Explained.
TRAVEL AGENCY OPERATION : The study of the functioning of an Agency. It highlights the sources of income and handling of Clients.
TRANSPORT & ACCOMMODATION SYSTEM WITHIN INDIA: Imparts knowledge on various modes of transport and major Hotel Chains in India.
TRANSPORT & ACCOMMODATION : Covers major modes of Transport with case studies on Euro-rail etc. It also deals with classification and categorisation of Hotel.
TRANSPORT & ACCOMMODATION SYSTEM IN THE WORLD : Deals with the two significant hubs of Travel available across the Globe.
EMPORIATRICS : Health aspects include specific Travel Risks, their Management and Vaccination Schedules and First Aid.
FOREIGN LANGUAGE :Tourism Industry requires interaction with tourists from all over the world. This subject develops the Communication Skills.
MARKETING MANAGEMENT : Deals with Tourism Marketing and successful management of various operations in the Industry.
COMPUTER APPLICATIONS: In the present era of Information Technology, usage of Computers is widespread in every sphere of life. This subject deals with Computer Applications in Travel Industry.
RESEARCH WORK IN TOURISM INDUSTRY: Students have to prepare a thesis on any Indian/Foreign destination or their cultural aspects. Field surveys are also conducted to enable them to study the Travel Trends.
PRACTICAL TRAINING: The Students go for training to various professional organisations as part of the Curriculum. This gives them an insight into the travel trade and a first hand experience of the industry.