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Textile Design




         Our Department is one of the oldest Department of this Institution.We specialise in training Designers for both woven and printed Fabrics. These are in great demand, in the Domestic and International market.
        Textile Design is one of the most Ancient Crafs of India It's immense popularity, to date has led us to develop curriculum for different durations. We have One - Yr, Two- Yr, Three - Yr and a Four - Yr. Course.
         The Course has been Design to impart Skill Knowledge and proficiency to the Students. So that they can generate innovative ideas and execute them. this is to produce beautiful Design on Paper as well as cloth.
         To help the Students in the whole process, they are introduced to the latest techniques and equipments, of the Industry. We learn to create Designs for Wear, Apparel, Furnishing and Upholstry.We therefore, cater to the Textile industry as well as the Fashion Industry in diffrent areas.

Mrs. Kshama Mehra
Head of the Department
Textile Design

We have produced a number of successful Enterpreneurs and Designers within India and abroad



•Designers for Block and Screen Prints
•Designers for Hand Painted Textiles
•Designers for Embroidery Work
•Designers for the Weaving Industry.
•Quality Controllers
•Export House Coordinators
•Carpets & Durrie Designers.

        It is a matter of great satisfaction for us that the Textile Department has produced many successful designers, in India and abroad.


Textile Design Basic Design Design -I Design -II Design -III
Nature Study Nature Study Drawing & Sketching Nature Study Drawing & Rendering
Colour Ways Colour & Texture Colour Ways Colour Ways Printing Technology
Printing Technology Object Drawing Printing Technology Printing Technology Professional Studies
Traditional Textiles History of Art In Textiles History of Art In Textiles Weaving Technology Computer Aided Design
Introduction To
Textile Manufacture
Textile Theory Fabric Structure Professional Studies Project And Research -
Computer Aided Design Out Door Sketching Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Design -
Textile Craft Textile Craft Textile Craft Project Work -
- - Dyeing Technology - -

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN: To understand the elements and concepts of Textile Design.

DRAWING & SKETCHING:To develop the skills of drawing and sketching, through various mediums of expressions.

NATURE STUDY:The Learning shapes, colours and textures through study of Natural Objects E.g: Flowers, leaves, plants and trees.

TEXTILE DESIGN: To evolve new and innovative Design ideas, for woven and printed Fabrics.

TEXTILE THEORY: The knowledge of Fibre, Yarn, Fabric and Dyeing Techniques.

TEXTILE CRAFT: The development of skills through various techniques like: Potato Printing, Stencil Printing and Hand Painting.

COLOUR & TEXTURE: The exposure to various colouring Techniques that enhance the knowledge of Colour Expression.

WEAVING TECHNOLOGY: Execution of Graphical Design Upon Loom.

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN: The experimentation with forms and Colour schemes on the Computer. Students simulate and transfer Design concepts onto Fabric.

PROFESSIONAL STUDIES: To develop efficiency and skills to communicate with clients. To acquire the know-how of setting up a Design Studio.

COLOUR WAYS: The study and presentation of a Design in different Colour Schemes.

TRADITIONAL TEXTILES: The knowledge of traditional Indian Textiles within their Historical Context.

INTRODUCTION TO TEXTILE MANUFACTURE:The Identification and knowledge of the types of Fibre, Yarn and Fabrics. The various manufacturing techniques, that are in practice.

OBJECT DRAWING: To attain a knowledge of Perspective, through Sketching three-dimensional Objects.

OUTDOOR SKETCHING : Students are taken outdoors for Sketching. They study the play of light and shade, Upon external habitat.

HISTORY OF TEXTILE ART : This enriches the aesthetic values of students by glimpsing Textile Art through the ages.

FABRIC STRUCTURE: The understanding of various aspects of construction, of a Woven Fabric.

RESEARCH & PROJECT: Each Student presents a Project Report, on a particular theme. This is after Survey and Analytical Research. It gives a pragmatic edge to their Profession.

PROJECT WORK: The purpose of introducing Project Work, is to enable Students to apply their knowledge and skills acquired, during the entire Course. The Students go right through the garmenton conception of Design to it's Execution.

DYEING TECHNOLOGY: To learn the types of Dyes and The various methods of Dyeing for a finished fabric.

PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: To acquire salient skills, to employ various Printing Techniques, such as Block Printing and Screen Printing