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Dear Future Students,
I am a Second Year Student of Holistic Health and Fitness. I joined the Course in 2003. I was always interested in the field of Physical Fitness but after joining this Diploma Course, I realized the importance of Holistic Health.It comprises also of Mental and Spiritual 'Goodness'.
I have become a better human being in the last Two Years plus learnt so many Therapies, Techniques and Self-Defence, for helping others and myself. I have become a 'Healer', and am able to cure ailments and sufferings of others.
I also got exposure in a Central Government Health Club ,for a year and also taught Aerobics there. At present, I am teaching Aerobics as well as Weight Training in Oxydrene Gym, Patparganj. I take Yoga Classes too, in the weekends there.
I am by now a self-confirmed Fitness Freak and can feel it in my blood! It has now become for me, more than just a Family Business of running and managing Gym and Health Clubs.
I must impress upon all Future Students to realize that Holistic Health & Fitness is a great exciting Vocation, for everyone!
Yours Vocationally,
Charu Sharma
Hi Friends !
It seems like only yesterday that I had the privilege of experiencing two wonderful years, at the Polytechnic's- Department of Holistic Health and Fitness. I was so young & straight out of school. Our each and every Teacher was so dedicated, devoted and fun (!), towards every student. It enhanced our Personality not only in Physical but also in a Mental ,Emotional and Spiritual Sense. They taught us- Woman have the power and soul, to conquer the Mind. This shakti can make us scale Himalayan heights & measure the deepest oceans of our potential aspirations.
I've organized / managed two Summer Camps for children, for their Holistic Development. I also got a memorable opportunity (So early in my Career!) to run camps in companies, like Lay Bharat Maruti Ltd. I also have now (to my great excitement!) landed a job as a Fitness Trainer, in a School.
I would like to convey to Students that they should realize their Inherent Power. Work and make holistic efforts, to become the best!
Yours Heartily,
Vratika Arya
Hi Girls!
We met as two complete strangers, became firm friends & now we are working as Professional Partners, for the last 8 years. We both joined Textiles Design, as totally immature School Girls.
We had no idea, where life was leading us or indeed that it was to be led. But Poly matured us, nurtured us and showed us the way to Career Success. Today, we have our own unique 'Hand Painting' Studio. We work with some of the leading and famous fashion houses in India and Abroad.
We want to take this opportunity to thank Poly & our terrific Textile Design Faculty. They gave us skills, screened us and etched us, to stand boldly, in the competitive world. The relationship continues ,even after passing out. Long Live Poly! In our heart, we shall always belong to you!
With 'hand-painted' handshakes, Raina Jaggi & Smriti Malhotra
Dear Poly,
I would like to thank our Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri and the enormous Faculty, for offering us such wonderful career-oriented Courses. This has enabled us to move on, in this fast paced world. Make a niche, in the so-called Man's world, with entirely our own efforts. I would like to mention here that my teachers at Hotel Catering & Hospitality have played a great role in making me , what I am today.
This is a very great Course, since the Industry is booming! The Course Contents are Practical & give an actual insight into the Industry.
I would like to say that my Two Years are unforgettable not only in terms of learning, but all the 'trendy happenings' and 'cool cultural events', at the campus.
All at the Polytechnic, shall be proud to know that I am working as Sales-Co-coordinator with the erstwhile Ambassador group of Hotels.
With regards,
Priyanka Sharma


Dear Teachers,
This is to thank you and the Polytechnic, for where I am today. I am teaching in Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, in the KinderGarten Section, as a Class Teacher.
This Vocational Course has enabled me to understand teaching, plan Classroom activities, comprehend the conduction of a Lesson and above all made me get closer and loved, by the children.
Did you know Ma'ams? The Early Childhood Education Course and our College have a very reputable name amongst schools in Delhi and further away. I realized this, during my Internship at the American Embassy School. It is always a heartwarming feeling, when I hear others say such nice things about 'us'.

Yours Gratefully,
Subarna Zaman.
Hello Career Girls
I enrolled although in the 3-yr Diploma Course of Commercial Art, in 1989.I was a person, passionate and orientated to a Professional Career.I did not really think this 'alternate place', would give me that extra edge.
It was just a matter of a 'miraculous month' though that I was converted completely, for our Campus! It was absolutely amazing! The teaching methodology, the freedom to perform and grow, the encouragement to think of ideas 'beyond the norm' and the discovery of newer realms of imagination. Not to forget the regular outdoor sketching trips the endless hours of 'life drawing', the chatty sessions with teachers It was unbelievable enjoyment and exhilarating education!
But wait! There was more to it. I also realized (or was made to!) that I had joined a College that was not just fun; it was a place, which helped to shape lives and Careers. The constant focus on details, the in-depth curricuum, the upgradation to newer technologies, the regular weekly/daily Assignments ..always forever kept our minds ticking.
On passing out, I eventually joined the Third largest Advertising Firm in India, as a Visualizer. From thereon, there was no looking back. The Polytechnic had prepared me to work and compete with the best!
I won 14 National and International level Awards, cutting across various brand categories. I was also nominated as the 'Art Director of the Year 2000'. Three years ago, I started my own Graphic & Web Design Firm called :ICE. Hurray! It has already won 4 International Awards, for Web Design!
Almamater! I could not have asked for a better Graphic Education. All Hats Off! Polytech unbeknownst, you gave me that extra edge.
Yours Enthusiastically,