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                          The Polytechnic has undertaken Major Projects (like the Metro Murals) and Minor Projects (Sketches for the Renovated Vice-Chancellor's Office / Former Viceroy's Lodge), both in the Past and the Present.
We have subsequently realized that we have such a skilled Faculty. They have devoted a lifetime to educating women. Most of them foreswear that it is not at the cost of their own Creativity. In fact, they feel that Teaching/Working with young people, has given their Art, an extra Dimension.
We therefore for once, had an Exhibition of the most 'Recent Works' of our Art Faculty. It was to showcase their 'Other Worlds' and 'Other Emotions' that do not transcend but is juxtaposed with their 'Daily Life'.
There was also a 'Book Release' on an Art Technique by a Faculty Member. The Book was titled: 'A Journey without Cameras'.
It was heartening to have an Exhibition for those not normally in the limelight. Teachers, who’ve selflessly promoted their Students' Work or Careers, for Decades.

The Art Exhibition was previewed and inaugurated by Megan Marsden. This was followed by the Book Release by Edmund Marsden, Director of the British Council, in India. The 'Overall Event' was a resounding success. The Faculty also had exclusive Postcards & Ceramic Mugs imprinted with their Art Designs, as an adjunct and Souvenir to the Event.


The teachers say it all…Rana Siddiqui reports
The Hindu, 2005.

Delhi saw a group of teachers joining hands to prove their versatility through the medium of painting, sculptures, prints and installations…at the Habitat's Visual Arts Gallery, which not only gave an insight as Art Teachers but also their individual expression.
…We saw well known AnandaMoy Banerji's works on dance performances, Deepti Chopra's canvas depicting hope after Tsunami devastation ,Jayant Gajera's expression of lights, Aruna Puri's reflections, Priyanka's wood creation and so on.
“Surface is not important, Creativity is. And only Creativity means Art,” says a senior teacher J.K.Battish. ”It is like a Journey. And in a Journey you are not likely to find only one kind of road. Same goes with Medium. It changes expressions according to changing times,” says Reyhan Chaudhuri.
“It is the choice of the Students. We teach them the basics of Art . If they find it best to express in abstract form , why stop them?” asks Veena Saith.

A Brush with Women's Day
Aruna Bhowmick reports….
The Statesman,2005.

The Art Show by the Polytechnic was vibrant and colourful and at the same time varied and interesting. The South Delhi Polytechnic for Women is a synonym for its Founder, with no one needing to check credentials anymore, only seek admittance into the trusted Institution.
Works by Anandamoy Banerji, a wood work by JK Battish, woodcuts by Anu Gupta, Barnali Nandy's exploration between method & medium, wooden window panel by Anjali Taneja, depicting a kaleidoscope of the universal life of most women, Kshama Mehra's embroidery of a musical instrument, a woman's profile by Ranjit Kaur, concept of King & Queen by Vibha Sharma, Fabric Collage by Gargi Neogi, Harpreet Kaur's floral watercolours, were all special in themselves.
Ashima Chaudhuri's own two works, 'Creativity within Organization', an Installation running through the Centre of the Hall, epitomized the spirit of the Institution. It showed batteries of ants engaged in work, exemplifying, order and resourcefulness. Foliage-Moments from Miniature manifested her age old love for the Yarn….meticulous discipline and an eye for fine detail.. were the first things to strike one about these works.. The content itself embodied certain beliefs.
….As an appendage to the work on display, has been released a book, 'A Journey without Cameras', as ruminative lessons on the ancient art technique of Sketching. This is authored by a Teacher Dr. R. Chaudhuri, who teaches Art of Health, Art of Music, as also Holistic Health & Fitness.