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         Our Home Science Course is directly related and relevant to Women. The diversity of our curriculum is for a very important reason. The objective is to equip our Students of the present plus the later life. Whenever they feel the need to be self-sufficient or supplement the family income, they can the ‘pick-out’ any Subject learnt here and make an earning by Self-Employement. Course contents are imparted without sacrificing tastes and aesthetics.
        As one great gentleman said: ‘A happy family is but an earlier heaven’. We make our Students thus proficient in every sphere of life.
These range from Domestic Health / Nutrition to Home Economics. We assist in Personality Moulding and other areas like:Home Decoration, Home Management, Child Care , First Aid, Clothing, Arts & Craft and Beauty Care. There is also guidance in some spoken English .


Ms. Usha Ajwani
Head of the Department
Home Science

You may feel by all this, that we churn out a ‘Jack of all trades’. On the contrary, we have a ‘Jamuna of all talents’. Our final aim is not only to make ‘Marvellous Mothers’ and ‘Happy House wives’.

We endeavour to shape them into fine family members . Thereby model citizens and a great pride for the country.



Art & Craft Art & Craft Art & Craft Art & Craft
Home Decoration Home Decoration Home Decoration Home Decoration
Dress Design Clothing Construction Pattern Making & Clothing Construction Dress Designing
- Traditional Embroidery
Cookery Cookery Cookery Cookery
Textiles Textiles & Textile Craft Traditional Textiles Beauty Care
Home and Health Management Home and Health Management Dietetics Dietetics
Beauty Care   Beauty Culture Textile Craft

This Course is of paramount importance. It deals with the most essential aspects of practical living. This Course has been devised, keeping in mind the background of our candidates. Those who have desire for business combined with professional activity. Numerous opportunities are open to girls in areas such as: Boutiques, bottling and food preservation, manufacture of ‘home decoration’ items and holding exhibitions.

Subject Details

HOME DECORATION: This subject is summed up in the Hellenic homily of : Home Sweet Home. We show how pleasing surroundings affect our Personality. Students are shown that it is not only fancy budgets and plush Interiors but skills & creativity that are required.

ART & CRAFT: This Subject supplements the subject talked above. Artistry is imparted in various techniques, including card making, collages, clay modelling and rudiments of sculpture.

DRESS DESIGN: Awareness is given in the styles and trends of tailored Clothes. The Tailoring and Stitching of Garments is also taught. The economics of dress apparel are given.

CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION: Fabrication of different types of clothes for children, ladies and gents, using different methods. Importance of fitting, checking on figures/ dummies is explained.

PATTERN MAKING: Study of a given style. Making paper patterns with measures of the same Design are taught.

TRADITIONAL EMBROIDERY: Various traditional stitches, motifs, Designs from various parts of the country are taught.

TEXTILES: A brief glimpse into Fabric Textures. They acquire the skill of handling Art Materials and develop knowledge of techniques like Stencil Printing, Tie & Dye, Hand Painting etc.

TEXTILE CRAFT: Exploration & Experiments with different texture materials for tasteful Aesthetic expression.

TRADITIONAL TEXTILES: The Study revolves around creative expressions based upon the social & cultural heritage, our rich traditional textures.

COOKERY: The actual cooking of foods from pre-planned recipes to classy cuisines of the world. The variety ranges from elaborate feasts to quick meals. Snacks and also mouth-watering recipes of confectionery/sweetmeats. There are also lessons on display and serving of food.

DIETETICS: Management of diets. The kinds of foods to be included or avoided in such meals.

BEAUTY CULTURE: The basics in make-up, hair dressing and preening are taught. Tips on posture, breeding and deportment are given .

HOME AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT: The theoretical knowledge of nutritious foods, menu planning and selection of diets for each Family Member. The other focus is maintenance of facilities, within a home. The allocation and budgeting of Family Income.