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Hotel Catering & Hospitality


         The need for the finest accommodation facilities everywhere, has created promising employment opportunities for our students. The requirements for Hotel and Lodging range from leisure, health, business, social, political ,religious to educational / expositional purposes.

         The various National and International chains are expanding at a fast pace. A Hotel provides varied services to those who leave homes, for different destination visits. It creates a ‘home away from home’. It is a huge industry spanning continents. In today’s world, the Hotel Industry, only a true professional can survive.



Mrs. Rashmi Dubey
Head of the Department
Hotel Catering & Hospitality

         We impart the best of training for our Students. They attain skills in order to hold important positions or jobs in various Departments of the Industry. On completion of the Course, our young, enterprising, hard working, self motivated professionals, get hired by different Regional, National and International Hotel Chains.


Front Office Operations
Front Office Skills
Front Office Accounting
Advance Housekeeping
Restaurant & Counter Service
Restaurant Service
Food & Beverage Service
Food Production
Food Production
Culinary Art
Official Correspondence
Business Correspondence
Book- Keeping
First Aid & Hygiene
Research Work on Hotels
Research Work on Hotels
Industrial Training
Summer Training
Global Transportation & Accommodation
Research & Analysis on Hospitality Industry
Industrial Training

Subject Details

FRONT OFFICE OPERATIONS: In this subject Basic Front Office Procedures are taught.

FRONT OFFICE SKILLS: The Technique of processing Reservations, Guest Registration, Check out procedure and other Assistance skills are taught.

FRONT OFFICE ACCOUNTING: How to handle Accounts is taught. This includes handling of cash, credit cards, travellers’ cheque, foreign currency etc. Sales promotion , Guest Relations and Public Relations are also part of this subject.

FOOD PRODUCTION: Emphasis is initially laid upon basic cookery and later in advance cookery. Knowledge regarding basic cuts of vegetables/sauces/soups, etc are given. Subsequently the skill of preparation of different cuisines are highlighted .

CULINARY ART: The art of working in a kitchen is enhanced with practice of cooking different cuisines. These include: Mughlai, Chinese, Japanese, French, Continental Recipes etc

NUTRITION: Meal planning based on Nutritional Aspects are considered. We teach the different dietary requirements of individuals.

RESTAURANT SERVICE :The Course content includes table laying, different style of folding napkins, table manners, etiquettes and grooming skills. The correct selection of crockery & cutlery are also part of the subject.

FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE: This includes an advanced knowledge of beverages along with the choices of food. The formal / informal functions, booking procedures of banquets are also taught.

RESTAURANT AND COUNTER SERVICE: The basic knowledge to handle Catering in the Hotel Industry. Banquet Function Reservation procedure is also included.

GLOBAL ACCOMMODATION & TRANSPORTATION: Study of famous hotel chains are undertaken. Heritage properties are also highlighted. The knowledge of airlines, railways, etc. are imparted.

HOUSEKEEPING: This subject stresses upon Aesthetics. It teaches how to maintain the upkeep of a place. How to achieve maximum Customer/Guest satisfaction, with given resources.

ADVANCE HOUSEKEEPING: The correct choice of materials to suit the decoration, budget and manpower are covered, in this subject. How to make the Interiors of a Hotel, a perfect blend with the services.

BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE, BOOK-KEEPING & MANAGEMENT: This subject enables the Students to be aware of Art of letter writing/resume drafting etc. The maintenance of records/accounts are also included. Management Policies are also taught.

FIRST AID & HYGIENE: Handling Emergencies in the Hotel are taught. Hotel Hygiene and Pest Control Measures are also studied.