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Holistic Health & Fitness


•All aerobic and multi-gym lessons are done with a Doctor under medical supervision
• You do not have to be a sports person nor have any athletic ability for this course.
• An interest in merely caring for yourself and others,could make this just the career for you.

         To join our department shall mean that you qualify eventually as a Therapist, Fitness trainer and a Holistic Healer. Holistic Health is to see the ‘whole’ human being, i.e: mind, body and soul. For true happiness one has to have physical fitness but also emotional, spiritual and psychological well being.

       This course therefore deals with the debate on ‘Health versus Personality’. It is hence both an art and a science. The students solve the great mystery of why there are so many slimming books on ‘figure and diet’. How can we make it work for everybody? Students learn personality building promote lifetime wealth and not just make you ‘feel good’. Natural therapies studied are safer and better for so many problems.

       The one-yr curriculum is mainly for the self. The two yr syllabus is for the self and others. It has modules that are not there in the one-yr.Course.This interesting package optimizes job prospects.

Dr. Reyhan Chaudhuri
Head of the Department
Holistic Health & Fitness


To work as


Coach Acupressure Centres
Counsellor Ancillary Rehab Lodges
Instructor Auxillary physio-clinics
Diet Advisor Convalescent Homes
Figure Consultant Gym
Healer Hotel Industry
Naturopath Healing & Therapy Centres
Therapist Reiki & Pranic Healing Cells
Trainer Slimming Workshops
Spa Specialist Yoga & Meditation Centres


Natural Therapies Natural Therapies New-Age Therapies
Human Body Form
& Nutrition
Basic Body Form & Diet Health & Hygiene
Aerobics & Multi Gym Aerobics & Multi Gym Trainers Techniques
Yoga & Meditation Yoga & Meditation First Aid & Fitness Injuries
Personality Development
i) Psychology
ii) Personal Grooming
Personality Development
i) Fashion Applications
ii) Personal Grooming
Personality Enhancement
i) Psychotherapy 
ii) Communication Skills
  Diet Cooking Advanced Diet Cooking


a) REIKI I : A Japanese healing system.
b) PRANIC HEALING : Ancient Art to safely heal the physical body.
c) HYDROTHERAPY : To use water as the Universal Medium,to gently cure problems.
d) ACCUPRESSURE : A Chinese system for stimulating nerve reflex points.
e) NATURE CURE : A drugless therapy with home remedies and also practiced by Gandhi Ji.

a) SUJOK THERAPY: A Korean system that focus upon hands and feet.
b) JUICE THERAPY : Fruit and vegetable juices that rejuvenate the body.
c) MUSIC THERAPY: Melodious notes used for specific mood disorders.
d) MAGNET THERAPY: To alleviate disease with magnets.
e) AROMA THERAPY: Aromatic oils and fragrances to benefit body, mind and soul.
f) REIKI II : An advanced form of the Japanese art, at distance level.
g) FENG SHUI : Measures for auspicious events and a harmonious life.
h) VASTU SHASTRA : A Vedic insight into the placement of buildings and objects.
j) COLOUR THERAPY:The impact of colours on the mind & emotions.
J) EARTH THERAPY: Essential effects of clay used as therapy for health benefits.

a) ADVANCED BODY MOVEMENTS : Self-Defence Arts like Taekwando and Fine Body Movement like pilates .

b) EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: To save money by caring / understanding of instruments.

c) TRAINER’S TUTORIALS: To teach and train others in the running of Centres.

HUMAN BODY FORM- The elementary study of the framework of our body.

HEALTH & HYGIENE- Simple measures to monitor health. ( Eg : Taking BP / Pulse Rate. ) Practical tips on good hygiene for personal health.

DIET - The science of eating right for Figure Fitness.

DIET COOKING- The recipes and actual preparation of low- calorie health foods in our cookery labs.

FIRST AID & FITNESS INJURIES- How to handle emergencies and accidents at the Gym and workplace.

AEROBICS & MULTI-GYM - The emphasis is on how to teach / help others. ( Modified components of Indian / Western, Classical / Modern Dances have been incorporated.) Classes include playing / selection of music. We also have a fully equipped Gym.


a) FASHION APPLICATIONS : Apt advice on outfit trends & fitness finery.(Only taught in the Two-yr Course.)

b) PERSONAL GROOMING : Beauty tips and etiquette for elegance.

c) PSYCHOLOGY : Art of adjustment and positive outlook plans.

PERSONALITY ENHANCEMENT- Success Secrets, hand Writing Assessment Skills, Personality Tips Lifestyle lectures, Numerology and Gemology.(Not taught in the One Yr.Course

YOGA & MEDITATION- World famous arts that give both energy and relaxation .They endow confidence and concentration.

N.B: FREE KIT shall be provided to those who join this course. It shall include a T-shirt
(with Polytechnic logo), matching slacks and a pair of canvas shoes.