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Overseas and foreign students visiting India for a short duration (unless they be from Bhutan and Nepal), shall be admitted to the Polytechnic, if they have a visa for the stipulated period. The Government of India shall admit other foreign students provisionally subject to confirmation from the Foreigner's Registration Office.

An annual convocation is held every year when Diplomas, Certificates and Trophy Prizes are awarded to the passing out branch.This is a ceremonial occasion awaited eagerly by everyone concerned.

Upgradation and evaluation of the syllabus contents remains a core activity of the Polytechnic. We not only welcome but consider it imperative that new techniques and concepts are incorporated into the various Departments Our constant interaction with the concerned industry.The varying abilities of students in coping with course demands, are also taken into account.

All Classrooms should only be used during Polytechnic hours. The students themselves are to be conscientiously for the general care cleanliness and respect furniture & equipment.

The polytechnic has an Employment Cell.There is no specific job guarantee, we find students good portfolious, get taken up first This is for the sole purpose of assisting Student Placements, The Bureau activities include training programmes, campus interviews, auditions, screenings etc. A ‘job prospects’ file has been maintained for 42 years, for the student's reference.

The Polytechnic may conduct mock drills/rehearsals for prompt evacuation of the premises.Instructions are given regularly to Class Teachers on emergency procedures.The students are requested to comply as it is primarily for their safety.

The Polytechnic is famous for the greenery and beauty of it’s flowerpots. Their numbers on the last count ran upto 6,323. The Director takes pride & personal interest in them. In the past, vegetables have also been grown with great success. success. We also treasure the beautiful trees in our Campus.Art-based departments use them in various ways. Students are requested not to topple nor trample upon flower pots.Please Use only the red bins, as dustbins. Please do not also feed the goldfish.It is the best way to kill them. They live in a shallow pool in the Mulberry Grove. (They are already fed by Holistic Healers.)

The faculty within the Campus, arrange.Quiz and Competitions Announcements regarding these are posted on the NoticeBoard.

All students are issued Identity Cards.They are advised to keep it carefully in possession and produced them whenever required. Please note: (1)The ID cards must be renewed every term. It is the student's responsibility to get them done so.(2) Any student, on completion of the course or on leaving the Polytechnic is required to return them.

No Student shall be allowed into any of the laboratories without donning lab coats.Students must not wear for obvious reasons, synthetic clothes nor carry inflammable substances.

The Polytechnic has manicured lawns amid a leafy grove. Students are not permitted generally in this area, without the permission of the Director.(Ladybirds, mynahs and doves however always are !)

All or any piece of property (from hair bands to helicopters!)brought or left in any part of the Polytechnic Premise are at the sole risk of the Owner of the said property. The Polytechnic does not undertake nor accept any onus or responsibility whatsoever, for the safekeeping or loss and/or damage of any personal article. .
There is however a ‘Lost and Found’ desk in the office, where some honest souls often deposit misplaced items. Announcements have also been made regarding the same. This is only after taking permission though, from the Principal or Director.

The Managing Committee of the Polytechnic reserves the absolute right and discretion to change the Syllabus, Timings and/or closure of a Course. In case an insufficient number of students are admitted to a particular course, then that course may not be commenced.

Students are awarded ‘Commendation Letters’ or Participation Certificates, depending upon the decision of the judges or jury. The Merit Awards listed below are awarded on the Convocation Day.

i)   First Class First in the Final Examination of each Course.

ii)  Director’s Shield for the best exhibit in the Exhibition: ‘Choose your Career’. .

iii) Director’s Shield for participation in community upliftment of the weaker sections of society or SUPW (socially useful      productive work).

iv) Marg Drishti Award: To acknowledge the achievement of a Student, who has paved a unique path in her profession,and
thereby is inspirational for others.

v) Marg Dipty Award: To commemorate Challenged Students who have shone a light to illuminate Vocational lanes for others,in the
     present and the future. This Award was instituted in the name of Dipty Chaudhuri, wife of Lt. General. B. Chaudhuri and      Great grand daughter of Maharishi Debendranath Tagore.

vi) Dr.Shah’s Trophy: For a 100% Attendance record. This is given to a student for the entire Academic Session. The late Dr. Shah      was a Civil Surgeon in the last century, from the Central Provinces. He was a great promoter of female Education.

vii) Jamila Kidwai Trophy: For the most immaculate Hosteller. This is given to a Hostel Student ,who has displayed exemplary       neatness , cleanliness & becoming behaviour. Late Jamila Kidwai was the first lady, wife of the former Governor of the      State of Bihar and Bengal. Sshe greatly      believed in the efficacy of female hygiene.

Students who are studying in other Colleges shall be allowed to join, on paying some necessary fees. They shall be required to submit the result of the previous year’s examination. Migration of Students in mid-session shall only be allowed only on the payment of full dues. They shall also be required to bring their Attendance / Sessional Records, from the previous place.

Students must read the Notice Board everyday. This is essential in order to be aware of important messages or announcements regarding their college or career.

Students are required to bring all necessary materials for their Practical and Theory classes. These would include: Stationary ,textbooks, recipe ingredients, art materials etc. Some selected work that is executed during the course of training shall be deemed as the property of the Polytechnic.It shall have the authority to use it for any purpose.

Work assigned to the student has to be submitted on the dates or deadlines assigned. The Staff have the right not to accept on any account, work beyond the fixed date of submission.

There is an in-house Doctor during college hours, evenings and available on call otherwise. We have a First-Aid box both in the Office and the Hostel. Teachers and Senior Students of Holistic Health also offer natural therapy & Alternate-Health Care, on an informal basis.

A) ATTENDANCE: No Student is eligible for appearing in the Final Examinations unless she has 75% attendance in all her Theory and Practical Subjects. This rule cannot be over stressed as it is an imperative one. The Attendance shall be on the record file submitted by the class Teacher, every month to the office. .
Students are welcome to request the Class Teacher to show them in his/her free time the status quo upon this.The stringent rule has been made, as Vocational Education stresses upon Practical Knowledge. This is opposed to the formal conservative and academic one. It is activity-centred. Cramming notes at home can never replace classroom modules. On no grounds thus shall any condonement be permitted including the one of medical. .

Students to appear in the Final Examination, must have: 50% minimum marks in all Practical /Project Work. A 40% criteria is there for Theory Subjects. Do not forget that Theory is only 40% of Curriculum, in most Departments, while Practical / Project work are 60% of the Course. Work Assessment is generally based on actual work done by the Students in the Classroom or Labs. These include ‘scheduled-time Assignments’ assigned regularly in the Classes.
           Sessional Tests are held every Term. The Sessional Theory marks are generally an aggregate of the best two out of three. Students are cautioned that if they fail to make the criteria above (which only occasionally occurs) they have to reappear. Some students may be eligible for the carry-over system and should read the subsequent paragraph. .

We have a carry-over system, whereon the Student is permitted to join the next year Class. This is subject to clearing her ‘not cleared’ or ‘not appeared’ papers in September or in April. This rarely occurs .
Whenever it does, the Student need not take low marks to heart, especially if she is ready to put in more effort.

Do remember there shall be many others appearing with you,who for various reasons(including Marriage,Maternity or the Medical .) could not sit before, for the Exams . In Vocational Education learning and attaining skills is a contiguous process.One need not compare it to the rigid slots of a formal Academic System.

An Objective System of Grading is generally used in the Polytechnic, especially where Art Modules are concerned. The Minimum Grade in a Practical test would be C+ and in Theory:C-The Mark Sheets however carry converted marks and acknowledgment of the respective Division OR distinction. The values approximate with those given below:-

80% and above

The aim of all teaching processes is to give Students a kaleidoscopic knowledge, is imparted along with contemporary skills as per demands of the Employment Industry. The Vocational Trainee in turn is able to hold her own as a professional, upon qualifying from here. The following methods and measures are used to enable the above:

•Clarity/clarification in course components.
•Lectures and Live-chat sessions.
•Practical Demos by Faculty.
•Prominent guest visits from Industry.
•Group Discussions and Class Debates.
•Contests/ Competitions/Quiz Shows.
•Home Assignments/Library &Internet Research.
•Teaching Aids like: Audio-Visual /Projectors /Digital Slide Shows etc. .
•Field Trips and Study Visits to: Gyms / Galleries Exhibitions / Export Houses / Museums / Manufacturing Units / Merchnadise   Outlets / Parlours / Sight Seeing & Sketching trips / Retail Centres / Trade & Textile Forums etc.

There are no scheduled tea-breaks at the Polytechnic. They hamper the quality of Vocational Work and hinder the progress and productivity of the Nation. Students are however allowed brief sojourns to the Rest Room, on the discretion of the Subject Teacher. Students at our Campus are considered as potential or mature Adults. They are hence allowed to partake Snacks / Tiffin / Beverages along with their Class Work. There may be occasions though, when the Teacher may request them to defer the same.

Telephone facilities for local, STD and ISD calls are available for Polytechnic Students. Incoming calls shall only be received in the case of an Emergency. .

All Departments work from 8:30 a.m.( Sharp ! ) to 12:15 p.m., for students in any Course. The Faculty shall however attend from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30p.m. Kindly make a careful note Aas the Director takes great pride in punctuality and decorum of the College. This also adds to our reputation and renown.

Open for students :12:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Open for General Public:9.00 am. To 12:00p.m.

Parents and Staff Meetings: 12:30. to 1:00 p.m.


•This is solely for the Students. 

•Counselling begins, ends and is done throughout the course.

•Counselling can help prospective Students at the time of admissions.

•Counselling can help you clinch choices in career and job scopes.

•Counselling can convince every Student about the potential in her life.

•Course diversity in 22 Departments gives near-guarantee for enrollment and allotment somewhere.

•Consideration is exhibited by Counsellors in terms of changing Courses, within one month of commencement.

•Counselling includes assistance in Accommodation for Outstation Students, and others in Transport arrangements.