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Furniture Design


 We have introduced this Course, in view of the rising demands, of the present Market for Furniture. Just as the demand for Interior Designers is on the upsurge, so is the need for Furniture Designers.
Furniture is an integral part of our day-to-day Life. The Commercial or Leisure activity, which may be either in the Office or the Residence. Furniture helps us in the conduction of it, with ease and comfort. Well-designed Furniture keeps in mind the proportions of a Human being. It increases the working capacity and productivity of People. This is a vital need in Today’s hectic life.
Our Curriculum covers all factors necessary for a Furniture Designer.
We start from the Expression of the design ideas, to the Knowledge of Materials, Construction Methods to Production Procedures. We also teach planning of the right kind of Furniture, Furnishings & Accessories to integration with the Interior Scheme. Experimentation with new Environment-friendly Materials, Finishing Techniques & Maintenance, are also done.
The Evolution of Furniture Forms & Motifs over a Time Period and their merger into the modern environ, are also studied. Costing, essential for Design implementation are also a crucial part of the Curriculum
We offer a One-Year full time Intensive Programme.

Mrs. Bhawna Chatterjee
Head of the Department
Furniture Design




1. Design Expression

2. Materials

3. Anthropometric

4. Structure & Construction

5. Design

6. History of Furniture

7. Estimation








DESIGN EXPRESSION: This covers medium of expression in Basic Design & Graphical Presentation. Basics of free hand drawing colours, rendering techniques, handling of drafting medium & use of scale drawing.

MATERIALS: The properties of materials used for furniture & furnishings, their rates & availability in the market. Emphasis on environment friendly materials for furniture.

ANTHROPOMETRICS: Study of human body proportions. Relationship between furniture design & human proportions.

STRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION: Study of basic construction techniques of furniture in various materials. Workshop practice, visits to workshops & actually making of furniture pieces.

DESIGN: Concept development for new designs in different material for furniture & interior accessories : like mirror frames, candle stands, lamps etc. Stress on innovative design ideas, which can be executed economically & functionally.

HISTORY OF FURNITURE: Study of evolution of different forms of furniture & motifs. Various styles & periods of furniture from ancient to modern times. Reproduction of their forms & its role in contemporary interiors.

ESTIMATION: Working out the quantities of materials & cost of production of furniture.