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Fashion Design




         Fashion Design at the Polytechnic is one of the most popular and glamorous Courses. The Department is 24 years old. It has been one of the earliest to teach the subject in the city.
Fashion does not only fulfill consumer demands but anticipates trends. It is the creative interaction of imagination, form, material and technique of costume, with the human appearance as subject and the business world as partner. Clothes and accessories fall into the realm of implicit human behaviour. It is an important form of social communication & reflects the deepest concerns of Society.
Fashion Design Course inculcates in the Students the ability to develop, enhance and execute creativity. The Students learn to Design apparel and accessories, and finally display them on the ramp at the ‘Annual Fashion Show’.
We have a varied team of Lecturers with a great diversity of expertise and approaches.

Professionals form the Industry are regularly invited. Students are groomed to be creative and competent professionals, through project work and industrial exposure.
The Department offers a three, two year and a condensed One-Year Course. The Course contents are balanced in each year, on the basis of advancement levels. In short the curriculum covers the creative experiments from conceptualization to execution. These help to transform original ideas to finished garments.

Mrs. Veena Saith
Head of the Department
Fashion Design



•Fashion Designer
•Fashion Co-ordinator
•Fashion Merchandiser
•Pattern Maker
•Quality Controller



Fashion Design Apparel Design-I Apparel Design-II Apparel Design-III Design Exploration
Fashion Art Fashion Illustration-I Fashion Illustration-II Fashion Illustration-III Accessory Design
Basic Design Basic Design Commercial Pattern Development Grading & Draping Fashion Forecasting
Drafting & Adaptation Pattern Making-I Pattern Making-II Advance Pattern Making Pattern Making & Production
Clothing Construction Garment Construction-I Garment Construction-II Apparel Production Fashion Photography
Fashionn Study Textile Science Fashion Merchandising Apparel Marketing Enterpreneurship & Business Management
Market Reasearch History of Costumes-I History of Costumes-II Fashion Presentation Reasearch Project

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN : A know-how to various Art materials, colours and their application. Students are made to understand the elements and principles of Design.

APPAREL DESIGN: It inculcates in Students the free expression of ideas, for designing apparel. Students are able to apply elements & principles of Design.

FASHION ILLUSTRATION: This Subject helps to develop the skills of drawing Fashion Figures and Accessories. The Students learn rendering techniques, through various Art mediums.

PATTERN MAKING: The Subject teaches the system of drawing patterns with mechanical precision and varied body measurements.

GARMENT CONSTRUCTION: The Students are trained in various construction skills, to execute their garment Designs.

COMMERCIAL PATTERN DEVELOPMENT: This Subject acquaints the Students with commercial patterns, for consumer use. The manipulation of darts and other Design details are taught.

GRADING & DRAPING: Draping is a skill of pattern making upon three-dimensional forms. Students try various Designs on mannequins to express their ideas visually. Students learn to grade patterns in various sizes.

TEXTILE SCIENCE: To give awareness and technical know-how of Textiles. i.e. the Fabrics. This is the backbone of the apparel Industry.

HISTORY OF COSTUMES: The Subject provides a fundamental knowledge of Fashion, through historic times. The past trends influence upon present Fashions giving inspiration to Future Designers.

FASHION MERCHANDISING: The Subject focuses attention on the working of a Fashion Industry. It imparts knowledge about renowned Designers and Fashion centers of the world.

APPAREL MARKETING: The subject incorporates understanding of vital processes like retailing, distribution and promotion of the merchandise.

COMPUTER APPLICATION: The fundamentals of computer graphics - Corel draw and Photoshop are included for fashion design students.

FASHION PRESENTATION: The Final Year Students are given an opportunity to create a garment collection. Their line is presented on the ramp and they are introduced to the Industry and Media.

INDUSTRY TRAINING: A one-month exposure in the Fashion Industry, prepares Students for careers in both domestic and International Markets.

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: Students are made conversant with the skills of photography, that are vital in the Fashion World.