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Q: Do I have to give the full years’ fees just now?
Ans: No! Fees have to be deposited four times, term-wise in divided installments in One Academic Year.

Q: Do different Departments charge different fees or have different timings?
Ans: All Courses have exactly the same fees & timings. This cannot be a point in choosing Courses.

Q: Madam should I go for the most popular or trendy Course then?
Ans: All Courses are Vocational and job-oriented. A prospective Student must opt for work that interests her. Do not forget that a popular Course may not be the best thing for you. As there may be more competition and demands. If you opt for something that interests /excites you, you ensure focus and future success.

Q: I still have doubts about the right Course for me. What shall I do then?
Ans: We have Career Counselling and great guidance by experienced specialists throughout the year.

Q : I’m coming straight from School and have no idea about these things. May I switch to another Department later?
Ans: The Polytechnic allows an one month interim period, whereon Students are permitted to change their Department (subject to availability of seats). This is to evince full potential of a Student.

Q: Do I have to sit for some kind of Entrance Exams or Interviews? Can I take admission later?
Ans: There are no screening tests if you fulfill the basic requirements. Admissions are however subject to availability of seats. Students are strongly advised to enroll/register early, to avoid disappointment later.

Q: I’m going to be a Hosteller. Shall I miss classes, shifting to the Hostel room?
Ans: The Hostel shall open two days earlier for new Students on 24th of July,2005. (New Students are glad to learn that old students return four days later. By this time, they are well adjusted to Course and Campus.)

Q: I myself am cool about things but my parents often get confused /concerned/anxious...
Ans: Parents/Guardians are welcome to clarify any doubts with Teachers, between 12:30 & 1:00 p.m

Q: Is there any point in doing Courses in different Departments?
Ans: Yes. Two is better than one if one is better than none. Many Students find that after qualifying in one Course they can upgrade/diversify by joining a sister Department. This augments their future job prospects. The following connected combinations are worthy of consideration:

1) Holistic Health & Fitness - Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing(or Vice Versa)
2) Holistic Health & Fitness - Hotel Catering & Hospitality(or Vice Versa)
3) Commercial Art - Advertising, PR, Business Studies/(or Vice Versa)
4) Media Communications-Advertising, PR& Business Studies(or Vice Versa)
5) Home Science- Dress Design(or Vice Versa)
6) Textile Design- Interior Design(or Vice Versa)
7) Fashion Design - Jewellery Design(or Vice Versa)
8) Travel & Tourism - Hotel Catering & Hospitality(or Vice Versa)
9) Computer Science-Media Communications(or Vice Versa)
10) Art of Music - Media Communications

Q: There are many Polytechnics in Delhi offering similar Courses. Why should I join you?
Ans: We are 42 years old. We as Pioneers have prospered due to certain standards. Our Students are mostly employed by private sector and multi-nationationals.They tell us the updates needed. In fact Students find that it is not their Diploma/Certificate but portfolio/skills that get them the unique job! Our Teachers see many Students with less marks becoming more famous than others. So you have to reflect upon the umpteen Students doing so well. You must decide with an open mind and global perspective.

Q: What is the difference between a One-yr Course and Two yr Course?
Ans: The One-yr is not a ‘crash ‘ Course but a condensed one. It expects Students to work harder as time is at a premium. Graduates here on completion are awarded a Diploma and Undergraduates a Certificate.The Two-yr Course is an Advanced Course with both time and detailed modules, to grasp efficient skills . It is interesting that many Graduates for expertise (with time and finance) also join the Two-yr Course.

Q: If the Two-yr Course is more advanced than the One-yr Course, what’s the use of doing a Three-yr one?
Ans: The Two-yr Course is still embraced by salient skills. The three-yr Course however is for the discerning Student, aiming for a serious focus. She wants to enter the industry with confidence/ in-depth knowledge. Many Two-yr Students switch to a Three-yr Course, as the desire for advanced skills pervades them.

Q: Is there any other way an Undergraduate can get a Diploma in One-yr Course?
Ans: Yes, she can also diversify her skills. She can do a first-yr Course in one Department and be given a Certificate. In the next year she does a one-year Course (in a sister Department) to be awarded a Diploma.The Student shall hence complete Vocational Training with both a Certificate and a Diploma. EG: A first-year in Holistic Health & Fitness and to then do a one year in Beauty
Culture Hair Dressing.

Q: What is the difference between Fashion Design & Dress Design?
Ans: Fashion Design has more of sketching and design creation. Dress Design gives you an edge upon technique with intricate cutting and tailoring. The Dress Design Course may be better for a Student for self-enterprise. She may find at an individual level less creative pressure, unlike the Fashion Design Course.

Q: Is the Department of Early Childhood Education a new Course?
Ans: Early Childhood Education is not a new Course. It is the old Course of ‘Nursery Teachers Training’ that has been diversified. Future teachers here find they imbibe tenable techniques, in both theory and craft.

Q: What is the difference between Commercial Art and Fine Art?
Ans: Commercial Art is graphic design and applied art skills for advertising and marketing industry. Fine Art has an intuitive and emotive Curriculum for direct visual communication.

Q: What is the difference between Advertising Art, Media Communication and Advt PR & Bus. Studies? Aren’t Students from three Departments often employed in the same place?
Ans: Yes, but they deal in different areas of expertise. Advt. PR & Bus. Studies concerns itself with the analytical and promotional aspects of the agency project. Advertising Art with visual graphics. Media Comm. Students are useful with their Audio-visual techniques and journalist skills. Extrovert Students hence who enjoy practical skills, should join Media Comm. Those with an artistic bent of mind must enroll in Commercial Art. Finally those with an academic inclination and like brain storming are ideal for Advt.PR & Bus.Studies.

Q: What is the difference between the One-yr & Two-yr course in Holistic Health & Fitness?
Ans: The One-yr Course is mainly for the self and the Two-yr Course is for the self and others. Advanced Health Care,Trainer Modules and New-age therapies are taught only in the Two-yr Course. Students get time to learn other, newer therapies.