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Dress Design


       In this Department the actual Art of: Garment Creation is taught. Every Garment must be designed and marketed, but before that they have to be produced. This is why we are so essential for the Industry.
      The ready-made Garment Industry is a Specialized Sector. It has got a new impetus and upsurge in demand, due to the removal of Quota Restrictions by January 2005. Thus Students shall have to be skilled, possess Business Acumen and be versed in all the Practical Aspects of designing.        The Objective of this Course is to inculcate awareness of trends and technological changes, taking place in the Clothing Craft. The Students need to understand the Basics of Apparel Wear. To assess quality concerns in Garment manufacturing and utilize tools to ensure efficient Production of the same.
      Our Course is also specially suited for those who do not want to go out into the World and join the Industry, in a public way. They are keen to be self-independent and/or do self-enterprise at a modest Individual Level,to supplement the Family Income.
       In the World of today though, the Skill for ‘actually manufacturing’ the Fashion Comes first and foremost. Hence the demand for Dress Designers shall always be there in the Industry.
       This Apparel Industry offers opportunities at various levels.

Mrs. Upasna Kapoor
Head of the Department
Dress Design


1. Self Enterprise
2. Fashion Coordinator
3. Quality Controller
4. Production Manager
5. Costume Merchandiser
6. Retailer
7. Seamstress


Basic Design Basic Art Production Planning & Merchandising
Design Drawing & Development Design Design Development
Pattern Making Drafting Pattern Development & Adaptions
Layout & Estimation Pattern Layout Planning & Estimation
Dress Making Clothing Construction Garment Construction
Textile Technology & Packaging Textile Study Traditional Textiles of India

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN: It is the understanding of the Art Element and Design Concept through various exercise like dots, lines, color, textures,balance, harmony etc.

DESIGN: It comprises of basic elements of Design, exposure to different tools and color mediums to create Designs.

PATTERN MAKING: The Comprises of taking Body Measurement an Make Pattern according to that

LAYOUT AND ESTIMATION: Layout of patterns on different Fabric to culculate the minimum fabric required.

CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION: The Construction of a Garment. Its inspection and quality control.

TEXTILE AND MERCHANDISING:Awareness about the Textiles. and Garment Planning, it’s distribution and Market Study.

BASIC ART: It is the understanding of all the art elements and design concepts through various exercises.

DESIGN - I: An Introduction to Art Materials and Tools . The study of Garment in detail.

DESIGN - II: The use of color, texture and form in addition to create Designs. To enhance them also with Accessories.

DRAFTING:Process of Making Paper Patterns as per the Desisgn and Sizes desired.

PATTERN MAKING - II: The adaptation of Designs into different styles, their spreading and marker planning.

PATTERN LAYOUT: Laying of Patterns on the Fabric types of estimating Fabric consumption layout

LAYOUT AND ESTIMATION - II: Study of different adaptations, measurements and estimation of Fabrics. The cost of Garment making and their commercial Paper Patterns.

CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION - I: It is the understanding of sewing and cutting Equipments.

CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION - II: The fabrication of various types of Garments using, different methods. The Importance of fitting and checking for Inspection and Quality Control.

TEXTILE SCIENCE: The knowledge of Yarn and Fibres , as well as their Care and Finishing

PRODUCTION PLANNING AND MERCHANDISING: This includes progress of Production from Range Planning to the Execution of the order.



         Clothes are not only basic (as in 'Roti, Kapda aur Makan') but needed by anyone and everyone. This Course was created for those who want to immediately start Earning. Those who do not want to depend upon a picky clientele or wait for Fashion Trends.
        This Course is for those who want practical or technical training for making Actual Apparels. A Student in this Course would be happy irrespective of her background. It does not matter whether she is Artistic or Creative .
        We also teach embellishments and finishing apart from Technical Training. Girls can start work right away, taking orders from home. They can help others in the family or seasonal assistance during high demand months. The apparel industry is highly decentralized and woman-friendly. A 'Cutting and Tailoring' student can enter and exit the garment industry at various points, with accountability and full flexibility.



            We train our Students in this Course to get skilled and adjust into any alcove of the apparel industry. This is the ideal Course for a Girl who is not looking for glamorous placements as much as wanting to be Self-Sufficient and independent and stand on her own Feet.


1. Ladies Tailor
2. Unit Assistant
3. Seamstress
4. Technical trainer
5. Dress Maker
6. Home-Unit Owner
7. Cutting Co-ordinator
8. Pattern Making


Design Basic Design Design Development
Drafting Drafting and Layout Drafting And Its Adaptations
Layout and Estimation Design Style Reading And Pattern Making
Clothing Construction Tailoring Tailoring and Dress making
Indian Traditional Embroideries Indian Traditional Embroidery Needle craft

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN: An introduction to the study of dots, lines, shapes and colour tones.

DESIGN - II: Execution of lines, dots in textural mediums for Design Creation.

DESIGN: Understanding of all elements and concepts of design. Introduction to various art materials, tools and their application.

PATTERN LAYOUT: Layout of patterns on different Fabric types and estimation of Fabric Costs.

STYLE READING AND PATTERN MAKING - I: Reading of different Garment styles, Layouts for Fabric estimtion on different widths.

TAILORING & DRESS MAKING: This subject equips the students with construction skills in both ladies and gents garments. This enables them to execute their designs with perfection.

CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION: Construction and stitching of garments for different age groups, with perfect fit and finish.

FABRIC CRAFT: The Art and Craft of using different Fabrics in Creating Design for Patchwork, Quitting and Machine Embroidery etc.

DRAFTING AND LAYOUT: The scope and importance of drafting and layouts measurement in different garments are studied in detail.

DRAFTING - II: How to select the right pattern for your figure, and then adapt it successfully to your Designs.

TAILORING: We teach the basic hand and machine stitches and their applications, with facile ease for a skilled production.

INDIAN TRADITIONAL EMBROIDERY: Study of traditional embroideries: like Kashida, Chikankari, Kantha etc. Their history, motifs, threads, colors and the fabrics used.