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Computer  Science


COURSE OBJECTIVES: To prepare students to apply the basic concepts in real-life situations. Our prestigious faculty and teaching structure ensures that every student is provided with a computer during the practical classes.

Computers have taken the world by storm. There may have been worry about IT recession and the ‘boom & bust’ cycle in the Silicon Valley. People however forget that as a working tool or communication colonnade, computers are now firm fixtures of the workplace and home. We therefore offer numerous courses in IT-related learning. We cover theory and practical through exciting project work and actual applications of software.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: The recession in the IT industry does not affect our students future in the Job Market .We focus on a package of both Design and Program. Our department carves a capital career for it’s students. We offer them the training they need to participate in the World Wide Economy with equipoise.


Mrs. Rupa Arora
Head of the Department
Computer Science

Programmers Software Development Industry
Web Developers Web Development House
Web Designers Web Design industry
Visual Artist Design Studio/Advertising
Web Master Web Industry
Web Animator Animation Industry
Computer Operator Office/School/Bank



Computer Fundamentals Computer Fundamentals System Analysis & Design Foundation Course in IT
Foundation Course in Information Technology
Foundation Course in Information Technology Object Oriented Analysis & Design Computer Networking
& Multimedia
Computer Networking
and Multimedia
Computer Networking
and Multimedia
C++ Computer Graphics & Animation
Computer Organisation
& Architecture
Computer Organisation
& Architecture
Internet & Web Programming Advanced Internet and Web
Programming in C and Data Structure Programming in C
and Data Structure
Computer Graphics and Animation E-Commerce
Data Base Concepts
(Structured Query Language)
(Structured Query Language) Data Base Concepts Java/Java Applets Project
Visual Basic Visual Basic. Software Engineering  
Internet and Web Programming Project Project  


COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS/ / OPERATING SYSTEM: An introductory course on computers to cover all the facts of the digital domain.
MS OFFICE: Office contains Microsoft’s most powerful applications such as: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Word is a word processor with which you can create notes, memos, letters, school papers and internet web pages. Excel 2000 is an electronic worksheet program with which you can charts, graphs for financial data.

HTML/DHTML: Concepts in the area of Web Site Design, take you from the simplest task to more advanced techniques.
DREAMWEAVER: It is the ultimate visual design tool. It empowers users with the tools necessary to produce professional looking web sites quickly and easily. This is without having to write a single line of source code.
VBSCRIPT/JAVASCRIPT: It is an object based, cross platform, loosely typed, multi-use language that allows a programmer to deploy many types of solutions, to many clients.

CORELDRAW: Corel Draw is an intuitive graphics design application that gives designers a more joyable work experience. CorelDraw is built and designed to meet the demands of today’s working designer, to create ads or collaterals for print or the Web.
PHOTOSHOP: A comprehensive set of painting, drawing and web tools, to help you complete with efficiency in any image editing task.
FLASH: It is used to create high quality multimedia animations.

LANGUAGE C: Language C is a high-level general purpose, structured programming language. C also contains certain additional features that allow it to be used at a lower level. This flexibility allows C to be used for system programming as well as for application programming.

LANGUAGE C++: C++ is an object oriented programming language. The object oriented feature in C++ allow programmers to build large programs with clarity, extensibility and ease of maintenance. At the same time incorporate the spirit and efficiency of C.

STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE: SQL is used to communicate with a database. According to ANSI, it is the standard language for relational database management system.

JAVA: Java has become the environment of choice for developing active content on the web. The inclusion of database access and component architecture has made it an environ for developing enterprise-wide solutions.

C SHARP: C sharp is an object-oriented and web enabled language. It has the competence of visual basic, sophistication of Java and power of C++.

MICROSOFT ACCESS: Microsoft Access is a database management system. It helps you to manage data that’s stored in a computer database.

VISUAL BASIC: Visual Basic is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use programming languages available today. Much of it is due to its graphic environment. This lets you visually design the forms and controls in your applications.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: It provides software developers the discipline needed to concentrate on the engineering of systems, meeting specified requirements.

E COMMERCE: E- commerce enables people to buy and sell a variety of products all over the world. They can view products. Visualise how the available products suits them. They can specify their own requirements, order them, make payments and maintain relationships with sellers, all on the web.

PROJECT: The students work on projects, guidelines for which are given by the concerned instructor. Project work involves understanding designing, developing logic, writing programmes, developing software, preparation of documents and presentation. This experience gives students a wide range of knowledge, in developing software for any one in the corporate world.