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Commercial Art / Advertising Art



        Commercial Art /Advertising Art is also known as Graphic Design / Applied Art. It has nothing to do with Graphs and Statistics . Everything to do though with the graphic part of the Awesome world of Advertising. It is ‘big money’ and a huge Industry today.
Jobs scale a spectrum of Activity. They range from book and magazine covers, cards, banners, bulletins, stickers, pamphlets, T.V./ Cyber Ads to Press Campaigns costing crores. The Commercial Artist plays a prime part in planning , designing, advertising and the sale of goods.These are through layouts, posters, letterheads, leaflets etc. in original and selling styles.
         The Department offers various programmes. The really'serious'focus upon a Four-Yr course, for specialised Professional Training. The One-Yr, Two-Yr and Three-Yr Courses are meant for Students with constraints of time. We also offer a One-Yr Computer Graphic Course for those who have adequate knowledge of Design. This enables the Student to work on Computers.

Mr.J. K. Battish
Head of the Department
Commercial Art / Advertising Art

       There is an even distribution of learning. Students attain knowledge and training to get jobs in the Industry. Students on completion shall have the competence to work in an Advertising Agency, Graphic Studio or Publishing House.

       We are a special Department whereon Students through free-lancing start earning rightaway. This is even while they are still studying with us.


Basic Design Basic Design Applied Art & Production Typographical Design - III Advertising Campaign
Drawing & Study of Objects Drawing & Study of Objects -I Drawing & Painting of Objects - II Poster Design - II Poster Design - III
Lettering & Typography Lettering And Typography -I Lettering & Typography - II Press Layout - II Press Layout - III
Basic Illustration Pictorial Drawing - I Illustration - II Life Drawing Advertising Theory
Sketching - I Sketching - I Sketching - II Illustration - III Illustration - IV
Press Layout - I   Press Layout - I Art Appreciation Photography
Poster Design - I   Poster Design - I Sketching - III Sketching - IV
Applied Art & Production       

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN: This subject helps Students to build design skills and improve their Creative Output. It deals with the various elementary components of Design.

OUTDOOR SKETCHING: Sketching is recording a spontaneous impression of any subject. Students learn to draw and sketch anything to everything. It includes principles of perspective wherein Students learn to create an image of 3 dimensions in 2 dimensional drawing. Students are taken to various places, to study landscape and monuments.

LIFE DRAWING : Drawing is the language of Art & Design. Student learn & practice the skill of observing and drawing the human form. This subject develops her psychomotor system.

ILLUSTRATION: Translation of a text or an idea into a visual form is illustration. Here Students apply drawing for a specific purpose. They are exposed to various techniques and technicalities of Print Media.

POSTER DESIGN: Poster Design generally is a secondary Media of the Advertising Campaign. Roadside Poster Hoardings / Banners/ Kiosks are all part of this subject. The subject enlarges the scope of activity. Student gets a chance to work on the larger arena of Advertising Art.

PRESS LAYOUT: Advertising through newspaper or magazine is called Press Advertisement. The process of making the presentation of the same is Press-Layout. In this subject Student learn to translate an idea or message for Target-Audience benefit.
DRAWING AND STUDY OF OBJECT: The aim of this Subject is to sharpen the Students observation skills, alongwith drawing and rendering. Student learn the chiaroscuro, texture, proportion of the Objects.

APPLIED ART AND PRODUCTION: This is a theoretical subject where the Students are exposed to technical aspects of Printing, Design and Advertising.

LETTERING & TYPOGRAPHY: Lettering and Typography is an important element of Advertising. Student learn to write manually and also by Computer. This skill has an universal application.

ART APPRECIATION: Art appreciation is a theory-based subject that enhances the understanding and aesthetic senses. Students learn History and Appreciation of Art. This helps her later in Design Problems.

ADVERTISING THEORY: Advertising is a non personal communication of information. It helps in equipping the Student to solve various Advertising Issues.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is very powerful Media of Communication. It is an Art and a Science. This knowledge of which is a must for a designer. Student learn various aspects of Photography and their uses.

CAMPAIGN DESIGN: Campaign Design gives an overview of the Vocation. It deals with the psychology of the Consumer Behavior. She learns to see and solve problems from various aspects. She gets a panaromic perspective in her Profession.