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Ceramics ( Pottery )


       Ceramics-Pottery as a Subject, should appeal to you if you seek to learn an earth-friendly Art.An Art, with the unique combination of Creativity and Practical Utility.

        Pottery is an Ancient Art where an ordinary lump of Clay is turned into a joyful looking Object.

       It is a vocation in India dating from Mohenjodaro times (2500 BC), where pottery Artifacts were created to take their place, in every sphere of life.

       This field encompasses a large range of artistic endeavour. From making a simple mug for daily drinking to that of large scale ceramics used in ortho-surgery, architecture and other fields
       Apart from making pots and objects, we create interest to visualise them from the perspective of an Artist. We thereby evolve and progress from Pots to Tiles , from Tiles to Murals and finally : Functional objects of greater conceptual / thematic Sculptural Work greater thematic sculptural Work.



Mr. Jayant Gajera

Head of the Department
Ceramics ( Pottery )

       This is how the journey of Ceramics is carved. We teach you basic techniques to broader creative skills, with a philosophical edge to them. The Journey of a Ceramic Artist is a ceremonious cruise, chiselled from simple pottery to the complexity of an Edifice.


Drawing Drawing Drawing
Basic Design Basic Design Basic Design
Colour & Texture Colour & Texture Colour & Texture
Methodology & skills of Ceramics Methodology & skills of Ceramics Methodology & skills of Ceramics
Clay Craft Clay Craft Clay Craft
History of Ceramics History of Ceramics History of Ceramics
Design & Production Design & Production Design & Production
Art Appreciation   Art Appreciation

Subject Details

DRAWING: How to express on paper your creative ability, by recording and expressing the impression. Drawing assignments help your thinking / intuitive level, to reach the platform of execution.

BASIC DESIGN: Involves the understanding of space, line rhythm, form and shapes. Understanding of elements & principles from the perspective of concept, purpose & function.

SURFACE PATTERN AND SCREEN PRINTING: To create direct Screen Images and apply transfer techniques onto flat surface, with ceramic materials.

CERAMIC TECHNIQUES AND SKILLS: Adornment of surface, glazing pattern, glazing and firing of products, with available techniques and skills on a Potter’s Wheels.

DESIGN & PRODUCTION: This involves a three dimensional creation of your Design aspiration. It is the submission of skills acquired.

COLOUR & TEXTURE:We learnt to be aware of the wide range of colours in their varied lines, tints and tones. The feeling of Textures. The Travel is from physical connotations to expressive, suggestive powers of colours.

CLAY CRAFT: Clay is the most versatile material, where forms are envisaged and created into visual objects. These extend from Black Clay to Stoneware, from direct clay work to mould Making and Casting.

METHODOLOGY & SKILLS: This is a Theory subject which tells about the Nature and Use of most Materials. The techniques and their Aplications. This Subject is all about Technical know-how.

ART APPRECIATION: All Artists have to begin to see. They have to be trained both in techniques of their Medium and in Art History. Their audience too, must have some knowledge of Art History.x

HISTORY OF CERAMICS: Mohenjodaro & Harappan pots, Assyrian Tablets, Mesopotamian & Lapiz Luscis, Etruscan Artifacts, Xian teracotta warriors, Egyptian Clay & Glazed Works, Byzantine Murals, PreColumbian Incan relics, Chinese Ming, Spode/Wedgewood/Delft/Noritaki Designer Ware, Bauhaus/ Piccaso’s Glazed Drawn Plates, Post modern Bernard Leach, Devi Prasad creations to Delhi’s Blue Pottery.......History of Ceramics is a study of such shards, through the ages.