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Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing


         Beauty Culture has been the right hand of the Fashion/Glamour Industry. Today in India this field also offers jobs in small towns and older city areas. This is because even the ordinary housewife wants to look good for her family and herself. Women from conservative families find no objection to work in this area, as you meet and handle only Women. You do not also have to go out in public and work. You can have your own set-up, right inside the home.
In our Department we feel that every woman has Bauty. It is the skilled efforts of a Polytechnic-trained Beautician, to evoke and highlight them.
        We have tries to combine time-tested methods with newer updated skills. We have a comprehensive syllabus based upon sound teaching techniques. This includes smart styling and professional grooming.
         This is a Science and Art of appearances. We therefore teach also Health and Beauty foods. We also introduce Cosmetology. Students learn role of make-up in attractiveness, by old plus modern cosmetics .
         Our main effort is not to follow fly-by-night
fashionable fads or dubious glamour treatments We have made the Course completely Career Oriented.

Mrs. Asha Mehta
Head of the Department
Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing



1. Make-up Artist
2. Hair Stylist
3. Hair Colourist
4. Skin/Hair Specialist
5. Manicurist/Pedicurist
6. Facialist
7. Electrolysis Consultant
8. Wave Technician
9. Cosmetologist
10. Beauty Editor
11. Beauty Journalist
12. Franchise Officer
13. Beauty Consultant
14. Airlines/Hotel Industry
15. Fashion Industry
16. Saloon/Beauty Parlour Owner


Beauty Culture Beauty Culture I Beauty Culture II
Hair Dressing Hair Dressing & Styling Advance Hair Dressing
Body Perfection Figure Perfection Health Care
Food & Diet Nutrition & Dietics Cosmetology
Personal Grooming Personality Grooming Skin Disorders

Subject Details

BEAUTY CULTURE: This a an exciting and extensive subject. It includes teaching both natural methods and by machines. Techniques range from: Make-Up, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials, Unwanted Hair-Care, Safe Sterilization to Beauty Parlour Planning and Management.

BODY PERFECTION: The correct postures and body alignment are taught. A yogic diet and the various asanas which are helpful for body parts.

FIGURE PERFECTION: In this subject we teach the methods to delay ageing and various slimming aids. Treatment for the various problems of the body.

NUTRITION & DIETETICS: The study of simple beauty foods and a balanced diet.

FOOD & DIET: The art of complimenting looks with right eating.

SKIN DISORDERS: The detection and prevention of common Skin Problems. The Study of Skin Appendages like: Hair, Nails, Oil and Sweat Glands are also done.

COSMETOLOGY: The subject is related to various nail treatments, skin-care, hair-care and care of other beautiful body parts, with appropriate cosmetics. The production and packaging of indigenous cosmetics are also taught.

PERSONAL GROOMING: The personal aids for good breeding and positive grooming, for looking and making others look, elegant and graceful.

PERSONALITY GROOMING: This is an extension of Personal Grooming: How to have poise and confidence alongwith grace and elegance. Communication skills and interview training are also given.

HEALTH CARE: An Advanced Module in body health, for charming good looks.

HAIR DRESSING AND STYLING: Hair Styling is taught along with the care and treatment of different Hair Types. Glamorous and mod ways of cutting hair and tinting/waving/perming them are also explained, in detail.