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Arts & Crafts


        Arts and Crafts are the soul of Indian Heritage and Culture. Each region of India, have their own unique features. Our Diploma Course came into being, after discussion with a number of eminent Personalities. They found that Students with countless skills and creativity, missed the opportunity of exploring the Artistic Treasures buried in their own spiritual backyard.
         An understanding of medium, materials and their intrinsic qualities, is as relevant to Arts & Crafts today, as it has been in the past. This Course is intended to introduce and enhance the Techniques commonly employed by Craftsmen and Artists. These include timeless traditions to neoteric Craftsmanship.
         These of Course cannot be seen as an end in themselves. A poor or ill-considered idea shall not be rescued by crafty artistry. The Students are hence taught to explore their imagination with the knowledge of Techniques and Materials.
           They then begin to understand the symbolic relationship between the creative and temperamental processes, within the Field. It must be added Students joining here are expected to only have an artistic interest in working with their hands.An Artistic bacground is not necessary.

Mr. G. P. Sahu
Head of the Department
Arts & Crafts


1. Interior Decoration
2. Handicraft Industry
3. School Craft Teacher
4. Exposition Decoration
5. Conduct Craft Workshop
6. Running Hobby Centres


Basic Design Objective Drawing Drawing (Still Life)
Clay Relief & Round Figure Clay Modellling Clay Modelling & Round figure
Sketching Nature Study Advanced Craft
Painting (oil) & Oriental oldmasters Painting - Oriental contemporary artists Painting (Great artists) & Contemporary Artist
Mural Craft-Gujri & Aluminium foil Advanced Mural Art
Composition   Tiles & Mosaic Art
     Life Drawing
     Traditional Art

Subject Details

BASIC DESIGN : Principles of Design for Aesthetic Expression. The detailed study of Dot Line, Composition, Schiography in Monochrome, Polychrome and Perspective.

COMPOSITION : Application of the various techniques learnt in creative and innovative styles, to give shape and meaning to the technique.

1. Fresco : The technique of Painting on dry or weight Plaster with Vegetable/ Mineral Pigments, mixed with Water.
2. Mosaic : Picture and Patterns produced by an arrangement of small variously coloured piece of glass, stone or papers etc.
3. Murals : A Painting executed directly on the wall and other surfaces.

LIFE DRAWING : Learning Drawing and Painting with the help of various Objects and Models.

PAINTINGS : Painting as an expression from Nature, Landscapes, Objects and Imagination. Emphasis is laid on form, colour, tone, texture & impression.

METAL CRAFT : Embossing and Designing of different Metals.

NATURE STUDY : Study of the natural objects in nature for understanding of Colour, Texture and Form in different medium. Study of leaves, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers etc.

OBJECT DRAWING : Understanding of basic shapes of the objects through shading.To learn also the expression of opaque and transparent Objects.

SKETCHING : Sketching is the first step in the Art World. One can understand different perspectives through sketching. A brief account without details to convey a general idea of something, is taught. A rough, slight, merely outlined or unfinished drawing made to assist in making a more finished picture is explained.

CLAY MODELLING : Imaginative expression in Three Dimensional Forms. Composition of an object, by making and use of Plaster-of-Paris technique.

TRADITIONAL ART : One learns the traditional paintings of different states, like Gujri paintings from Gujarat and Madhubani paintings from Mithila, etc.