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Advertising, P.R. & Business Studies


     Advertising plays a prime role in promotion of Products. Modern Business would almost be paralysed and ‘shut shop’ without Advertising. It is the friendly ledge where exchange between buyer and seller becomes possible.
      Advertising uses the Media and Creative interaction of Multiple Disciplines. Our Course helps widen your ability in thinking and Brand Building Process.
     The advent of Global Economy has brought in vital ingredients for Marketing success. These include selling and cultivating the right image for the target audience. This field is now receiving professional attention due to its lucrative assets.
       The number of commercial slots and sites are on the upswing. These are both by conventional and unconventional ways.
       The Course contents of this Department are framed around the fact that consumer wants the product plus glamour glossed over it. Students thus learn to focus on the strength and qualities of brand products. We train you to create strategies that selectively promote Products. We also teach you how to extend formal boundaries.


Head of the Department
Advertising, P.R. & Business Studies

     Our course shall prepare you for exciting Jobs in Advertising Agencies, Marketing Firms, PR Offices, Customer Care Divisional Offices and of course as Brand Managers.


Advertising Theory, Organization & Marketing Advent of Advertising Marketing Management
Advertising Management Advertising Planning Research Management
Public Relation Communication Techniques Public Relations
Media Media Planning & implementation Media
Creative Platform & Graphic Design Copy Writing & Design Business Studies
Economics & Business Correspondence Commercial Economics Business communication
Business Studies Corel Draw Photoshop & M.S.Office
Corel Draw & Photoshop       -             -      

Subject Details

A non-personal communication of Information. Important aspects of consumer Behaviour and Human Psychology are discussed.

ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT: Advertising must be coordinated with marketing & promotional activities to maximize returns. This subject coordinates various phases of the planning.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: This subject deals with the role of PR in modern management. Its effectiveness as an image enhancer and an aid to marketing of an organization.

MEDIA: Media is a vehicle of communication. It involves studying the practices and operative components.

CREATIVE PLATFORM & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Every type of advertising has a creative platform. It has to be tailor-made to do the job. Creative inputs are taught to establish and stimulate impulse buying.

ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE: The Students are imparted knowledge on aspects of Banking, Contract Acts and Finance.

BUSINESS STUDIES: This links five disciplines viz: Management Techniques, Economics, Law, Government and Commerce. It is a dynamic subject, reflecting on modern business practices.

ADVENT OF ADVERTISING: This Subject focuses on consumer behavior. Consumer psychology needs to be interpreted in advertising terms, to get the best results.

ADVERTISING PLANNING: Good planning leads to better efficiency and effectiveness. This subject is taught in a detailed manner.

COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES: This Subject discusses the principles and practices of Business Communication. The subject covers major aspects of verbal and non-verbal Communication.

The essential steps in advertising planning are taught. These include objectives, strategies and tactics to serve the campaign.

Effective Writing creates awareness in the minds of the prospective Target Audience. It involves creating a message that will strike a cord, in the minds of the readers.

COMMERCIAL ECONOMICS: This covers areas such as Banking , Contracts, Shares and Debentures. The Students are made to understand the present Economic scenario of the country.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT: The usefulness of Advertising with the historical, social and economic perspectives in mind, are examined.

RESEARCH MANAGEMENT: This deal with the basic steps in Research Procedure; the various techniques and methods of getting a response from a Sample Survey and Evaluation Techniques.

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: Letters are the most important means of written communication, for any organization. The students therefore are taught to learn Letter Writing Skills.